Quit Smoking Laser Therapy Program in Bowmanville is VERY successfu

Here at SpineWise our Laser Therapist wants you to succeed! He considers both the body and the mind when quitting smoking.

Quit Smoking Laser Therapy is similar to acupressure, except the treatment is done with a small laser point instead of needles making it completely noninvasive and pain free. With the Quit Smoking Laser Therapy, a laser light pulse is placed at different acupoints of the hands, face, nose, feet, and ears.

The Laser Therapist will place the laser over the skin on 40+ acu-points (on the hands, head, nose, and ears) for a minute at a time.

During the treatment you will hear a CD with some information on the therapy, and how to detox after your treatment. After your treatment your therapist will go over it again. Laser Therapy is painless, and during the laser treatment some clients feels the sensation of euphoria. Others say they feel a warm, pulsating and a tingling feeling. A typical session takes approximately 60 minutes depending on each person’s individual situation.

If you would like to make the healthy change call our Bowmanville location at (905)623-8388 to book your laser therapy session now


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