Reduce Shoulder Pain Through Massage Therapy

shoulder pain

As a massage therapist, I’ve seen my fair share of clients with shoulder pain and injuries. This article will review what causes make pain, the massage therapy treatment that can, as well as simple exercises you can do yourself.

Shoulder pain can be caused by lots of things such as sports harm, repetitive strain, motor vehicle incidents, and in some cases the cause is unknown. Sometimes the pain may appear on suddenly, and others, they have a gradual onset. Even if your pain came on suddenly, in most cases, the problem may have started a while ago.

The massage therapy treatment will differ slightly according to how the pain started, so you should definitely try and explain to your RMT exactly what you really feel in your shoulder, how long this has been there, and how it started off. This will help your massage therapist determine besides what structures might be hurt, but also what the real cause of your shoulder pain can be, which in most cases can be bad shoulder posture.

If you suffer from shoulder pain, possibly you have noticed that the pain may appear and go, sometimes it’s much better and sometimes it’s worse. This is because our body has an amazing way to repair itself, and injuries can heal. Unfortunately, if the real cause, is not rectified the particular injury and pain will re-occur… And this also is where massage therapy measures in!

Massage therapy for shoulder pain focuses not only on decreasing the pain, and accelerating the healing process, but likewise fixing posture, the root reason behind the injury. This helps decrease the chronic tension and knots within the muscles, eliminating pain related to the musculature. We then proceed with releasing very specific muscles, such as the pectorals major and minor, as well as the muscles of the neck, and the biceps.


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