Reflexology – An Easy to Follow Step-by-Step Guide

Reflexology is the therapy of pressure in which pressure is given to the areas on hands, ears, and feet. Reflexology is the process of relaxing and to reduce the stress. The concept of reflexology is that the hand, ear, and feet correspond to organs and to the body system. This therapy provides that the pressure applies to the areas affect the organs and beneficial for person’s health. In this therapy they make foot charts to guide that how to apply pressure to those areas. Reflexologists provide many other therapies like massage therapy, physical therapists and many different types of massages. With the help of reflexology treatment, it reduces stress, pain, and depression. It is also beneficial for cancer patients. It is a safe process but to some extent the pressure cause discomfort to many people.




How Does Reflexology work?

1: Reflexology works with the central nervous system.


Reflexology is the therapy in which pressure is applied to the hands, feet, and ears that sends a soft message from peripheral nerves to the central nervous system that turns signals of the body to manage the tension level. This process provides overall relaxation to the body and helps in increasing blood supply.

2: Reflexology reduces pain by reducing stress and improving mood.


It is the other therapy which also helps in reducing pain. This theory explained that after many types of research we found that pain is created by your brain. The brain helps to do in response to the sensory experience of pain the things that affect the brain such as mood and many other factors like stress that affects the experience of pain. This process reduces pain and helps in improving mood.


Benefits of Reflexology:

The benefits of reflexology are that it helps in improving blood flow and also helps in relaxing mind. Reflexology helps in fighting depression.

When we feel tired if we get a foot massage that is the best method of relaxation and also reduces stress. According to our age, the nerve endings become sensitive day by day so reflexology helps in improving the function of nerves. It is the best method of improving flexibility in our body. Reflexology helps to give relaxation to your body and mind. With the help of reflexology, we can sleep calmly. Reflexology is also beneficial for those people who suffer from insomnia.

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