Reflexology Help in Healing Your Body


Reflexology Help in Healing Your Body

Reflexology is a method whereby the application of pressure by the fingers and thumbs to the specific areas and points located on the hands, feet and even ears of the body carries about release of stress and recovers the health.

Reflexologists recognize and identify the specific reflex points and areas on the hands and feet that correspond to other parts of the body and systems. They state that by applying pressure on these reflex points, there is an effect that is beneficial on the corresponding organs as well as the overall health and healing in the body.

For example, the treatment of reflexology has the notion that a particular area in the “arch” of one’s foot corresponds to the bladder and appropriate pressure on this area will therefore affect the functioning of the bladder. There are many best Reflexologist in Bowmanville for reflexology, but Spinewise is the best clinic who have for treating all kinds of problems.

Millions of people all around the world are using reflexology as a complementary therapy along with other treatments to combat anxiety, diabetes, kidney malfunctions, headaches, sinusitis etc.

Reflexology is found to be beneficial for restoration of harmony and balance in the body as well as for releasing tension and stress. It can produce a serene mind and a complete state of relaxation. Research done in the US and across the globe indicates that reflexology has positive benefits.