Reflexology Massage – Innovative Bodywork


Reflexology Massage – Innovative Bodywork

Reflexology massage is an early technique utilizing the hands to give treatment or cure to a body condition which caused by a sudden increased pressure in the pressure points making the body uncomfortable and imbalanced.

Many experts say that reflexology is the best way in treating stress coming from a busy schedule and it is advisable in every individual at least twice per month. If you are looking for Reflexology Massage in Bowmanville, please visit

Reflexology utilizes both hands to manipulate an impaired region of the body through massage. As a massage therapist, it is your responsibility to give a correct reflexology massage top your patients since patients that come into your service desires satisfaction especially if the intention of the patient is very simple. In giving a proper reflexology, there are a lot of things to consider.

Thickness of your patient’s muscle

You cannot do a hard reflexology massage if your patient is very thin because obviously, chances are you will going to hurt their muscles creating more tension to bruising or they will punch you in the face as they try to eliminate your hands out of their muscles. Reflexology is a discipline. Enable to massage accurately in reflexology, you must learn how to connect yourself from your patient.