Revolutionizing Chiropractic With Technology

Computerized Chiropractic CareThe instrument is called “Computerized Chiropractic” because it is intelligent; monitoring spinal motion in real time during each treatment. Computerized Chiropractic In Bowmanville is new technique that treats well with the help of instruments.

The developer of this technology, chiropractor at SpineWise, collaborated with bio mechanists and orthopedic spine surgeons to conduct research on the new product before its release. Many research studies have been published in scientific medical and chiropractic journals on this new technology.

Today the system has advanced even further with the inclusion of digital software study and computerized helped adjusting. We can now consistently achieve spinal correction on nearly all patients and it can be accurately measured on a before and after x-ray.

With these innovative tools chiropractic care will continue to focus only modernizing optimum health and wellness to the patient through removal of subluxation. Doing this allows the brain to communicate with every organ, tissue, and cell in the body free of nervous system intrusion, promoting optimum health.

The technological benefits of computerized technology allow the doctors at SpineWise to deliver high-tech controlled treatments that target the underlying source of patient’s pain. Conditions ranging from low back pain to whiplash, neck pain and headaches are managed by chiropractors with the device.


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