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Physical Therapist

Physical therapy usually specialize in certain areas or treat a wide range of patient conditions. Health practitioners or hospitals usually offer the majority of physical therapy help.

Today these therapists are qualified in many additional areas of expertise in addition to treating your injury. This is good news for patients who are trying to overcome an injury as well as prevent future injury and patients who are trying to achieve good health and longevity.

Physical therapists can also specialize in certain types of care, such as:

1. Cancer-related problems.
2. Back and neck pain.
3. Treatment of children or older adults.
4. Cardiac rehabilitation.
5. Wound care.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the scope of work of the therapists.

1. They are expert to evaluate and provide necessary treatment to patients who are suffering from disabilities due to injuries or chronic diseases.
2. They record notes and write reports on their patients’ progress everyday.
3. They conduct test and diagnose the patients’ medical condition from time to time.
4. They consult doctors and other medical professionals on their patients’ conditions.
5. They design and develop customized programs for their patients.
6. They communicate with their patients closely in order to meet their needs and goals.
7. They execute exercises that help their patients to improve their range of motion and muscle strength.
8. They provide deep tissue massage and different types of therapy for their patients to assist them to manage pain.
recovery process.

Make sure that when you find a therapist, he is trained and is qualified to treat you.


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