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There are two types of Scoliosis:

1. Congenital

Congenital scoliosis is when you are born with a structural deviation in the spine. Your back will twist either left or right from birth. Moreover, it often only starts to become visible at the ages of 3-5 or sometimes as late as the early teenage years. The cause of congenital scoliosis is unknown.

2. Idiopathic Scoliosis.

Idiopathic scoliosis on the other hand is where you develop a twist in the spine after an injury, or a following a medical condition. It may be corrected with physiotherapy management and other related scoliosis treatments.

Scoliosis & Treatment

Surgery does not cure the disease of scoliosis, but rather replaces one deformity with another. Many people choose surgery because they just want their worries about scoliosis to be over. Spinal surgery is an invasive and dangerous procedure, and one that should only be undertaken after all other options have been exhausted. To learn more about scoliosis please visit

When it comes to choosing an alternative scoliosis treatment provider make sure to do your research. The person you decide to hire may the successful step that prevents more invasive treatment options from being recommended or avoided.


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