X-Ray Services

Imaging procedures, in particular plain film radiography, are an integral part of Chiropractors’ diagnostic procedures. Chiropractors, as a professional group are the only health care profession that equips its members at an undergraduate level to walk out of the classroom on graduation and into private practice, qualified to obtain a license to take plain film x-rays and the training to interpret them. From a public health and safety perspective, spinal radiographs taken by Chiropractors generally produce a lower absorbed dose compared to standard medical radiographs because of the unique Chiropractic methodology.

This includes:-

  • A typical focal film distance of 200 centimetres. This utilizes the inverse square law, resulting in a lower patient-absorbed dose as well as reduced magnification, less distortion and improved resolution of the final image.
  • The use of a compression band to reduce scatter radiation and contact gonadal shielding secured to the compression band.
  • The use of specialised copper-plus-aluminium density equalizing filters (Bauer/Nolan) that remove lower energy photons. These are mounted on the tube housing and filter the X-ray beam prior to it reaching the patient.
  • Higher KVp and lower mAs techniques. When combined with either analogue rare earth screens/film combinations or, more recently with digital cassettes, these techniques deliver high-quality images with a patient dose that is As Low As Reasonably Achievable, ALARA.
  • Qualytech or other patient measurement devices to ensure correct exposure factors.
  • Erect patient positioning which allows for an increased focal film distance for all spinal radiographs.

The policy of our practice is that all plain film radiographs are digitally scanned in our clinics and added to the patient’s electronic file. A formal typed and signed Chiropractic roentgenology report is provided to the patient along with the hard copy films for their future reference and continuity of care.

At our clinic, we provide a number of X-Ray services, which include:

  • Full Spine X-ray (X-Ray imaging of the Neck, Mid Back and Lower Back).
  • Cervical Spine X-Rays (Neck X-Rays only).
  • Thoracic Spine (Mid Back X-Rays Only).
  • Lumbosacral Spine (Lower Back and Pelvic Region X-Rays).
  • Single Extremity (X-Ray images are taken of a smaller concentrated area. Eg. Foot, Knee, Hand, etc).


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