Shin Splint Pain: Get The Best Treatment


Shin splints are an excruciating pain that runs the length of your shin. Many times this can be brought on by increases in exercise, such as running, or other physical activity.

A shin splint is the pain that occurs when the muscle in the shin is being torn from the bone. This muscle is responsible for lifting the toes during the first part of your stride and pushing the foot forward during the last part.

Shin Splints Cause

Shin splints can also be caused by stress reactions to bone fractures. The constant pounding can cause minute cracks in the bones of the leg.

Additional causes of shin splints include:

an anatomical abnormality
muscle weakness in the thighs or buttocks
lack of flexibility
improper training techniques

For those of you that take part in a lot of sports which involve a great deal of running, being able to recognize the symptoms of shin splints is very important.

See your doctor if your shin splints are not responding to common treatment methods or if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms:

1. Severe pain in your shin after a fall or accident
2. A shin that is visibly inflamed
3. A shin that feels hot
4. Pain in your shins even when you are resting
5. swelling in your shin area that gets worse


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