Shopping Carts Can Cause Serious Injuries to Children

Shopping Carts and Serious Injuries

Shopping carts are a seemingly harmless tool that is so commonplace, most people never even think twice about using them. Today, shopping carts are common and people use them all the time, they are not completely without risk. Parents place their kids in these objects on a daily basis, and never give a thought about the safety of doing so. But if parents knew just how often the combination of kids and shopping carts resulted in serious injuries, they wouldn’t take the risk.

Many children were treated in hospitals for injuries that related to shopping carts. Many shopping cart accidents that result in injuries or death occur when a child reaches for an item on a shelf, often when a parent is not paying attention. These shopping carts injuries ranged anywhere from bumps and bruises to fatalities. While falls from the cart accounted for the majority of injuries but the head was the area of the body most often injured in shopping cart. If you have been injured due to a shopping cart accident please visit

What To Do

1. Always use the shopping cart safety straps. Be sure your child is snugly secured in the straps

2. Use a cart that has a child seat that is low to the ground, if one is available. Some stores have special carts especially for shoppers with children, with a low-to-the-ground seat at the front of the cart. When these are available it’s a good idea to use them.

3. Stay with the cart and your child at all times.

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