Sleep Issues: does chiropractic help?

Sleep Issues:hiropractic help

Sleep is important to good health. Our bodies repair themselves, regulate hormones and perform countless other vital functions while we sleep.

Most healthy adults need an average of eight hours of sleep during the night. However, the quality usually counts more than the quantity when it comes to sleeping. Failing to get enough sleep can cause depression and anxiety, contributes to conditions such as diabetes and obesity. Lack of sleep also leads to reduced performance and impaired cognitive abilities.

Inadequate amounts of sleep can take on a raw edge to anyone’s life. This can produce reduced moodiness, productivity, impaired memory, poor concentration, decreased learning and logical reasoning abilities. In some cases, people will not realize that this discomfort and pain they are experiencing at all hours are outcomes of poor sleeping.

Insomnia is the most typical of all sleep-related problems. It can be difficulty falling asleep, waking up often with difficulty falling back into sleep, or poor sleeping quality. Other common kinds of sleep problems and disorders are sleep apnea, snoring, restless legs syndrome in addition to periodic limb movement disorder etc.

Chiropractic adjustments are made to assist in clearing up energy blockages through the entire body and improve circulation to stiff and tired muscles. Chiropractic therapy can help clear up the airways and improve the patient’s ability to breathe deeply.

Lots of the underlying causes of poor sleep such as stress, back pain, neck ache, and headaches can be corrected through chiropractic therapy.


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