Spinal Decompression – Back Pain Remedies


Decompression Therapy, known as spinal decompression therapy, is the no-surgery remedy for neck and spine pain. Normally, pains involving the back are caused by degenerative disease, herniated disc, spinal stenosis or even other disc deformities. With vertebral decompression therapy, the patient avoids surgery and only attends several therapy sessions.


Symptomatic Relief through Traction Therapy


Spinal decompression is a painless treatment that works for the principle of traction. Spinal compression puts pressure for the vertebrae, discs and results in excruciating pain. It gently separates the vertebrae to generate a vacuum inside the injured discs.


The retraction of the disc is microscopical during each period. However, cumulative treatment spread over the period of four to five weeks would provide symptomatic reduction. Depending upon the extensiveness of the treatment required a patient may need to undergo around 15 to 20 sessions to obtain better relief. Each session would last for about 30 to 45 minutes. You can also visit spinewise.ca/ to get best spinal decompression therapy in bowmanville.


Many of the other reasons why back pain specialists recommend spinal decompression are:

1. Repairs connective tissue of the discs

2. Also relieves neck, arm and leg pain associated with spine

3. Reduces loading of the spine

4. Increased motion and flexibility

5. Improved sleep and quick return to pre-injury lifestyle

6. Promotes disc hydration with oxygen, blood

7. Enhancing the disc’s structural integrity

There is a common misconception that most back problems get sorted out without treatment. Those who have back problems that result in difficulty in sleeping, working or performing routine activities must not delay in consulting a back pain specialist for decompression therapy. The repercussions of delaying treatment can be quite serious and possibly irreversible. Early treatment for back difficulties with spinal decompression can offer really effective results.



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