Spinal Decompression for Back Pain Relief

best spinal decompression therapy

If you constantly experience back pain, do not ignore it but seek medical attention as soon as possible. Spinal decompression therapy is a cost-effective treatment for degenerative spinal disc disease. The entire treatment takes up to 10 treatment sessions depending upon the severity of the condition.

Spinal decompression is a non-surgical medical treatment effective for chronic back pain. Spinal decompression therapy is effective for back pain caused by a damaged disc.

Decompression therapy is a new form of treatment for back pain associated with disc problems. Research confirms that decompression is an effective treatment for degenerative disc disease. It reduces pressure on the disc and nerves and rehydrates the disc by drawing in fluids and nutrients.

Many lives have improved with spinal decompression since it was introduced. With just a course of the treatment, majority of the patients experienced complete relief and remained pain-free. Added with exercise program, appropriate spinal balancing, and spinal education, you’ll see that no other treatment can provide such benefit than spinal decompression.

The Spinal decompression treatment helps to take off the pressure from the damaged disc, causing the disc bulge to shrink back to the normal size. Spinal decompression therapy is reported to have a success rate ranging from 71% – 90%.

Spinal decompression is spreading all across the world as a viable noninvasive option for patients with diagnosed disc related pain and some forms of spinal arthritis. To learn more about decompression, contact a qualified decompression care provide near you or talk to your doctor for additional information.


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