Stomach Ache Ulcers and Heartburn


The pain of a stomach ulcer is generally felt in the upper middle abdomen and is often mistaken as just your basic garden variety heartburn. A serious complication of stomach ulcers is bleeding. A bleeding ulcer requires medical intervention.

Tips for those who suffer from heartburn:

1. Eat less at each meal
2. Don’t overdo it with the orange juice, either
3. Reduce the amount of coffee you drink
4. Stay upright after eating; no lounging around or sleeping
5. Avoid eating late at night

Causes of stomach ulcers are varied but many can be controlled by basic lifestyle changes. Working closely with your family physician is the best resource to learning to heal and control your stomach ulcer. If you want to find not only what foods you can eat together, but get an easy recipe plan as well, then hop on over and put an end to digestive pain ( once and for all.

Currently the most common way to cure the symptoms is to take harsh medications. If you ask your Doctor they will tell you it cannot be cured and medications are the only answer. However, prevention and changing your diet can have dramatic positive effects.

The root cause of heartburn pain is stomach acid getting past the esopageal sphincter and burning the lining of the esophagus. This is the burning sensation you feel that can feel like you are having a heart attack.


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