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break-the-smoking-habitLaser therapy is completely painless. The duration of this therapy is about half an hour. Most people describe the feeling as a warming, even tingling feeling. After the smokers have undergone this therapy, they are required to consult with their respective health specialists to get professional advice about how to adapt with their smoking-free life on a long term basis.


1. Have a balanced lifestyle in terms of constructing a healthy and balanced food diet.
2. Avoid smoking temptations – wisely say ‘no’ when people offer you a cigarette.
3. Plan a workout schedule – cardiovascular exercise able to maintain your blood circulatory system particularly your heart and lungs.

If you calculate how much money you are spending on cigarettes, you will see that the cost of the laser treatment is neglectfully low.

Smoking damages your:

1. Brain
2. Heart
3. Lungs
4. Stomach and Hormones
6. Blood and the Immune System
7. Muscles and Bones

Laser therapy ensures suppressing the cravings while providing an alternative lifestyle to most smokers who wish to quit. If you have tried several quit smoking methods but none of them work, then go for Laser Therapy treatment in bowmanville. SpineWise uses Low Intensity Laser Therapy. It is a bio-stimulation laser and NOT a surgical laser.

Spinewise has certified Laser Therapist, who is specifically trained in Low Intensity Laser Therapy and in Smoking Cessation.


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