Suffering From Anxiety And Pains? Try Laser Therapy!


In general, laser therapy is given at non-ionizing wavelengths within the red to near-infrared portion of the spectrum and at modest output powers below the threshold of thermal damage2. Although laser light is an artificial type of light does not typically occur in nature, the last half-century has led to a lot of research about holistic applications that laser therapy might have for other types of ailments.

Is It painful?

Laser therapy is needle free and penetrates the skin with a laser beam. The stronger cold medical grade laser beam can penetrate approximately one and one-half inches below the surface.

Results have been stunning!

This therapy can help people with several ailments–arthritis, back pain, tendonitis, chronic pain, muscle strain, soft tissue injuries and more. Since this therapy is so versatile, it helps numerous people each year to recover and become healthy again. For additional information, you can visit

There are many patients who benefit from Laser Therapy for Pain Management are patients who suffer from:

1. Neck and Back Pain
2. Tennis elbow
3. Rheumatoid Arthritis
4. Osteoarthritis
5. Shoulder pain and inflammation
6. Injuries such as sprains

Laser therapy also helps with:

1. Diabetics with Neuropathies
2. Fibromyalgia Pain
3. Patients with Shingles
4. Gout
5. Joint pain and swelling

Is there any side effects for Laser treatments?

Side effects are non existent, if the doctor conducts the therapy properly. With less side effects than other treatments, there is less to worry about for the patient.


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