Swimming Relieves Back Pain

Swimming_back_painSwimming is one of the greatest forms of exercise for people with back pain. Whether your pain is caused by a joint, soft tissue, spinal disc or bone grievance, swimming for back pain can help you safely build muscular and cardiovascular health which promotes healing.

There are several means of alleviating pain symptoms in a problematic back. Some methods to relief include stretching, applying ice, and taking over-the-counter prescriptions like ibuprofen. With more severe pain, other forms of treatment may involve sessions with a chiropractor or physical therapist.

A chiropractor can manipulate the affected area to relieve symptoms for most sufferers, while a physical therapist can develop a specific program of drills and exercises that can strengthen muscles, enhance flexibility, and decrease pain. Wearing a back brace may limit painful effort while giving the injured muscle a chance to get well.

Constant back pain signals the need to cease all swimming activities consult a doctor for an appropriate diagnosis. Continuing to swim despite the pain is a detriment to healing and will only make the condition worse. The resulting severe pain may even require surgery to correct any back irregularities. Surgery is only undertaken in the very rare instances of serious symptomatic conditions; however, there are cases when not even surgery can undo grave back ailments.


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