Reiki therapy

Reiki – The Natural Healer

It appeared in Japan in the late 1800s and, is supposed to involve the transport of Universal energy by the professionals to the patient. According to professionals, energy may stagnate from your system where there’s been physical trauma or maybe psychological pain. With time, these energy cubes could lead to disease. Energy medicine intends to …

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How Does Reiki Heal?

In 1922 Reiki is the form of medicine developed by Mikao Usui in Japan. Soon after that reiki become famous across the world. The word is the combination of two Japanese words in which Rei means “the Wisdom of God or the Higher Power” and Ki means ‘life force energy.’ So Reiki means ‘spiritually guided …

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What Is Reiki And How Does It Work?

Reiki is a therapy commonly referred to as energy healing. Energy healing is used for many centuries in different forms. Reiki works with the energy fields around the body. In many hospitals, they are believed to offer Reiki services to patients. Reiki therapy helps in treating the affected parts of the energy field and charging …

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