Thank You for Choosing Spinewise Clinic

Choose Spinewise ClinicThank you for choosing SpineWise Clinic to assist in your care. You are at the right place. We are Best In Bowmanville for providing all kinds of services to our patients.

The time spent waiting for your first appointment can be full of questions and concerns. The information regarding queries is here that will help you to prepare your mind. You can also read the Welcome page in SpineWise booklet. And, your Care Coordinator is available to help along the way.

Please plan at least one hour for your appointment with our doctor. Some people, who are visiting first time, try to come at least few minutes before. You can also book at our appointment through the phone call or via email.

Please note: Pets and small children are not allowed in our clinics or Infusion Center. Many cancer patients have compromised immune systems, which makes it harder for them to fight germs. This policy is for the safety and comfort of everyone.

Here are other important details:

• What You Should Bring
• How to Get Here (maps and directions)
• If You Need Transportation
• If You Need a Place to Stay
• Looking for phone no and email id

Thanks for your patience! We really appreciate for your waiting and patience.


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