Understanding the Different Types of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is a broad term used to describe various techniques of manual (hands on) therapy which is used to promote tissue health, relieve pain and increase functionality of a body, be it human or animal. The type of massage therapy which will benefit an individual varies greatly according to his or her particular issue or injury and state of health.

There is something for everyone, and it is wise for clients to examine their options to find what works for them. Relaxation massage tends to be slower and more rhythmic than a treatment oriented therapeutic massage and its primary goal is to increase relaxation of the client. Learn more about Massage Therapy in Bowmanville by visiting https://www.spinewise.ca/registered-massage-therapy/.

In infant massage, therapists teach parents how to work on their own infants, who is a great bonding experience and may help parents relieve colic and help their babies sleep better. For special populations or conditions, such as pregnancy or geriatric massage, the submission of techniques needs to be modified to suit the needs of the client.

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy basically consists of Swedish methods which are used at a deeper level of the tissue. To perform any type of massage effectively, but especially deep tissue, the muscles must be warmed up at a superficial level to allow the therapist to go into the deeper layers and address restrictions found there.


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