The Herniated Disc – Chiropractic Careand Conservative Treatment

Herniated Disc - spinewiseAs you know, the human spine is made up of individual bones known as vertebrae. Between each vertebra lies a natural cushion, the intervertebral disc. The main function of these herniated discs is to absorb shock and compression and allow easy spinal movement.

With theillness the structural integrity of the intervertebral disc can be compromised, resulting in disc bulging or herniation. Let’s look at exactly what happens with a herniated disc, why it causes symptoms, and how it can be treated.

Most often causes of disc herniation In Bowmanville can be attributed to degenerative changes that occur within the intervertebral disc due to aging. The intervertebral disc is made up of inner and outer layers. The outer layer, known as the annulus, is mainly a tough fibrous ring.

The inner layer, or nucleus, is a core of gelatinous like material. The causes of back pain In Bowmanville become less hydrated because of lose their elasticity and flexibility. HerniatedDisc degeneration also causes small tears in the fibers of the outer annulus. These small ruptures are actually thought to first appear around the age of 25. These damages allow the inner nucleus to leak, or herniate, out of the disc.


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