The Natural Way To Maximize Your Child’s Health

Maximize Your Child's Health

Maximizing your child’s health potential is one the most essential acts you can do as a parent. In this blog you will learn the most common causes of sickness and disease and what you can do to prevent disease.

People get sick for one reason, their inability to adjust to the environment. See, we live our lives through our anxious system, which processes and filters every physical, biochemical and emotional stress that we are in contact with, and does a great work at it until it receives overwhelmed.

Chronic and or intense stress from physical, biochemical or emotional stress will quickly breakdown our nervous system so that it is weak which leads to long-term sickness and disease.

When our nervous system breaks down we can no longer function at our optimal. This causes unhealthy, habituated neurologic patterns, that leads to chronic sickness and disease. This breakdown in our nervous system is what chiropractic professionals call subluxation.

Here are examples of what cause subluxations:

1) Physical Stress

Birth process
Very poor posture

2) Emotive Stress

Relationship/ Family problems
Unmet needs
Fellow pressure

3) Biochemical Stress

Artificial Sweeteners
Processed diet
GMO Foods
Second hand smoke

To increase your childs immune system and overall health, do your best to decrease the above stressors as part of your child’s life.

How can you find out if your child is subluxated? Take your child to a wellness Bowmanville chiropractor. There the chiropractor will perform a detailed consultation and examination and use specific computerized technology called thermography and electromyography to check your child’s nervous system for unhealthy neurological patterns.


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