The Use of Laser Therapy for Pain Relief


The Use of Laser Therapy for Pain Relief

Laser Therapy treatment services

Laser therapy for pain relief is totally safe and widely used method to reduce the pain. It’s a non-invasive therapy that uses intense light beams of the specific wavelength to decrease the pain related to your injury. Lasers are often referred to as Cold Lasers, Low-Level Laser Therapy and High Power Laser Therapy when it comes to therapeutic use. This pain relief treatment process is known as Photobiomodulation Therapy.

The low laser therapy uses the red infrared light on the injured or wounded area to give relief from pain. During treatment, specific wavelength lights are targeted to a particular body area.


  • Reduce therapy time: laser devices, especially high-powered ones allow you to optimize your sessions and get better results.
  • Providing high doses: Some cases require high doses of treatment. Patients who are in very bad condition, with very severe pain, require very intense treatments that would require long application times with conventional therapies. With the laser, you can deliver a lot of energy in a short time without risking overdoses.
  • Extreme versatility: Not all sessions require a lot of power! With the laser you can decide the intensity needed when you need it, reducing it for example in cases that require more superficial treatments.
  • Perceiving the difference: Unlike other types of therapy, the laser feels immediately, during and after treatment. The feeling of warmth on the treated part is not only pleasant but also makes you feel good.
  • Treating chronic pain: The laser allows you to treat tissues much deeper than other therapies. Combined with the high and controllable power it can really make a difference with patients suffering from chronic pain.
  • Treatments on very large areas: With higher powers, with laser therapy, it is possible to treat large areas without running the risk of losing therapeutic intensity.
  • Get results quickly: Pain reduction is perceived right from the first treatment. The physical principle of laser therapy and the high therapeutic powers reduce the inflammation process more quickly, helping a great deal of those suffering from chronic pain.

Laser therapy is a very effective tool in improving injury condition, considered by many professionals and patients. Spinewise medical clinic provides excellent laser therapy treatment in Bowmanville.