Therapeutic Massage For Senior Citizens


Therapeutic Massage For Senior Citizens

Massage For Senior Citizens

Complementary medicine, including massage therapy, is becoming increasingly popular among senior citizens. More than 50 percent of the people surveyed said that they use massage to treat health conditions.

Most people experience a rise in aches and pains as they grow older, and range of flexion begins to decrease. Depression is also on the rise in older adults, which is usually a result of lifestyle changes in addition to an increased sense of isolation.

Massage encourages natural joint lubrication, which reduces pain from conditions such as arthritis. Geriatric massage uses a gentle approach, and can be performed while using client lying down or seated inside a wheelchair. Special attention is inclined to the hands and feet, improving circulation and creating a heightened sense of body understanding.

Senior massage is beneficial for several conditions, including poor posture, which results from muscle tension. Massage improves muscle tone and possesses a positive impact on muscle mass strength and coordination. This results in improved stability, which in turn aids you to reduce the occurrence of injuries caused by falls arising from loss associated with balance.

Massage has been proven to be beneficial in triggering the relaxation response and possesses been lauded as an effective treatment for insomnia. As most of us age, it is crucial for consistent, restorative sleep. A gentle massage performed in regular intervals can reduce the need for prescription sleeping supports.

Many seniors experience feelings of isolation and increased numbers of anxiety as they undergo change in lifestyle and begin to experience the deaths of close friends members. It is often difficult for an elderly person to accept their own physical limitations that make it difficult or even impossible to accomplish the activities that brought them an entire life of enjoyment. A gentle, caring touch convey feelings of intimacy, empathy and can foster a deep connection between client along with caregiver.