Things To Know About Concussions


Concussion is an indication of traumatic brain injury, the effects of which can be temporary or permanent. If a person is concussed, there is the possibility of brain damage. This is mostly the result of a head injury, disturbing the function of the brain for a short time period. The thinking process gets weaker and the person loses co-ordination.

Common Symptoms

The symptoms of a concussion are effectively identical to those associated with mild brain injury. Common symptoms are mentioned below:

1. Headaches
2. Dizziness
3. Confusion
4. Memory and Balance Problems
5. Slurred Speech
6. Blurry Vision
7. Nausea or Vomiting

These physical symptoms of concussion can include loss of taste and smell, visual problems, headaches, paralysis of different parts of the body, fatigue, dizziness, and chronic pain.

If it is an urgent situation, look for hospital treatment, and make sure you come back for extra care and examination if the signs are getting even more hard. You need to speak to a Bowmanville chiropractor as soon as you need to, and failing to do so could result in even more problems. In the event the accident was caused by another person or responsible get together, you may need to contact a legal professional.


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