Things To Know About Laser Therapy

About Laser Therapy

Lasers are already used in many surgical operations where it is impractical or impossible for metal blade to get the job done, such as many types of corrective eye surgery.

Laser therapy is effective in treating many conditions that are prominent today, such as chronic arthritis, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, and sports injuries just to name a few. Many pro athletes utilize laser therapy to reduce their healing times and get them back into the game with less chance of re-injury. Countless others are reaping the benefits of laser by eliminating their dependence on pain medications, keeping them away from surgery, decreasing or eliminating pain, and returning them to a healthier lifestyle.

Laser light is a beam of light that has been manipulated by artificial means to coherently move in the same wavelength. This allows lasers to concentrate a relatively high amount of light energy onto a very small surface area. However, laser therapy is expensive. It may also require repeated treatments.

Can you describe how the laser is used in treatment?

Laser therapy is used for many purposes. It may be used to:

1. Relieve symptoms of cancer
2. Repair a detached retina
3. Remove kidney stones
4. Remove part of the prostate
5. Improve vision

Laser therapy is also used cosmetically. It can:

1. Reduce Redness Around the Nose
2. Regrow Your Hair Naturally
3. Solve Hair Loss Problem
4. Stretch Marks Removal

Laser Therapy is offered at our clinic by Dr. Amit Sharda. For more info, call on 9056238388.


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