Tips for Massage Therapists to Provide Massage Therapy

Tips for Massage TherapistsMassage therapists often work with customers who have mental and physical disabilities, and they should be organized to identify possible contraindications in order to best offer massage therapy to this population.

Often, special needs customers may not disclose medical illnesses or their need for accommodation until they reach for the appointment, so it is up to massage therapists to be well educated about situations when it is, and when it is not suitable to provide massage therapy amenities.

Special Needs

The term “special requirements” is extensive, and encompasses a large spectrum of minor to simple needs ranging from mobility support, to cognitive injuries, to clients with medical diseases. When special needs clients make an appointment for a massage therapy, they often (but sometimes do not) reveal that they have a physiological or mental loss that may involve special support.

For massage therapists, it is best to be responsive and prepared to work with clients who require extra attention and techniques to provide an excellence massage while not compromising the client’s health or care.

Really preparing accessories and the design of your room for a massage therapy session can increase the positive knowledge had by special needs customers exponentially. Additionally, massage therapists should consider how customers will even get to the massage room.


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