Tips for recovery After Wisdom Teeth Removal

A young boy at the dentists, dentist taking a look into his mouth using various tools
A young boy at the dentists, dentist taking a look into his mouth using various tools

Immediately after your wisdom tooth removal surgical treatment, it is helpful to determine some effective and easy mouth exercises for faster pain relief. These mouth exercises not only assist you reduce the pain, but also decrease the swelling of your respective jaw and reach faster restoration.

You can also ask the dentist for more recommended exercises, but here are some the ones that are safe to use – even a day after your tooth extraction surgery.

1. Opening and Closing Orally Slowly

The day after the procedure, you will notice when your jaw is still for a time, your muscles will be more swollen and harder to move. This may especially feel more obvious early in the morning, since your mouth hasn’t shifted overnight.

So to be able to open your mouth and speak or eat more readily, you can practice exercising your muscles gradually.

2. Diet and Food

You should prevent dehydration by taking fluids regularly. Although it is normal to have a decreased appetite after surgery, you will feel better, have more strength, and heal faster if you continue to eat.

When you keep the mouth warm, your muscles will feel more challenging and flexible. So you can enjoy a number of warm tea to relax your muscles.

3. No External Touching or Massaging

Exercise is not suggested at this time because you may disturb your sutures if you were to accidentally hit your mouth or clench your jaw during exercise. After wisdom tooth removal, your body needs time to heal.

4. Medication

You may receive a prescription for an antibiotic and/or a pain reliever. You may fill these prescriptions at the pharmacy of your choice. Take all medications as instructed by your doctor.


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