TMJ And Chiropractic Care

TMJ And Chiropractic CareTemporomandibular Joint disorder or TMJ is the term used in situation of the mechanical dysfunction of one or both of the joints of the jaw. TMJ is situated right in front of the ears. Because of this close linking, a patient with the problem of TMJ might also have problem with the ears like grind or crack and hearing the joint pop when the mouth opens or closes.

The TMJ joint is flexible, as it has to allow movement for chewing, speaking, yawning, etc. In fact, muscles surrounding the TMJ are highly active in everyday life.

Dysfunctions with the TMJ are painful and hard to ignore, seeing as how the joint is responsible for helping in crucial, everyday activities like eating.

In order to recover the proper alignment of the jaw and treat TMJ dysfunction, chiropractic care for tmj or chiropractic manipulation is the best method.

Those who suffer from Temporomandibular disorders or TMD (often times incorrectly referred to as TMJ) experience pain due to the misaligned motion of the jaw. TMD is supposed to be brought on by a number of problems including:

• Grinding or clenching of one’s teeth
• Dislocation
• Arthritis of the jaw
• Stress
• Trauma
• Degenerative Joint Disease


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