Top Physiotherapists in Bowmanville


Top Physiotherapists in Bowmanville

physiotherapy in Bowmanville

Have Physiotherapy because taking care of the body is necessary.

This is an ideal healing method which focuses to promote individual’s ability to move.

Physiotherapists help the patient to regain the mobility as far as possible. Physiotherapy improves body functions, strength, balance and overall fitness of an individual. It is helpful for injury prevention and treatment as well.

Physiotherapists work is to maintain and restore body function. They use the history of the patients to establish a plan for an individual.

A physiotherapists tasks include:

  • Maintains and increase the joint’s range of motion
  • Evaluates Muscle strength and quantification
  • Evaluates sitting and standing balance
  • Increase coordination with other muscle groups or the entire body of the patient and promote strength as well.
  • Makes the environment barrier-free and accessible.
  • Assess the patient’s wheelchair needs and also maintenance and assistance with individualized wheelchair prescriptions.
  • Progressive gait training with or without ambulatory aids.
  • Exercises to reduce spasticity.

Benefits of Physiotherapy:

  • Helps in increasing recovery rate
  • Helps in improving physical performance
  • Helps in relieving muscle spasm
  • Helps in the treatment of sports injuries

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