Top Strategies for Physiotherapy

Strategies for PhysiotherapyPhysiotherapists can treat the injury with manual lymph drainage (MLD) and connective tissue manipulation (CTM). Spinewise offer Physiotherapy treatment techniques in Bowmanville which help to maintain human body healing process.

Manual Lymph Drainage is a gentle massage that uses stationary circles over the lymph nodes to improve the flow of lymph (a clear liquid important for the effectiveness of the immune system). Massage can stimulate the lymph system and enable the fluid to flow back properly from around the cells to the blood vessels.

Connective tissue manipulation will be used after manual lymph drainage as it increases the blood flow.

If connective tissue is too tense, it can restrict the lymph as it tries to return to the blood vessels. The fluid and pressure can build up and it needs to be released using CTM.

Both treatments lessen the backlog of lymph fluid and reduce inflammation, allowing the supraspinatus tendon to return to its normal size.

A program of special exercises will often be prescribed after the treatment to strengthen the shoulder muscles. The activity that caused the problem in the first place (if relevant) will not be resumed until the area is pain able and the muscles are stronger, thus preventing a re-occurrence.