Treating Tension Headaches, Spinewise Canada

A tension headaches is in most cases is a result from tight muscles in the neck and upper back. This can be caused from work, stress, lack of sleep, whiplash, sinusitis and other reasons. This pain can be a throbbing pain and achy feeling pain or a constant pain that won’t go away. You can have pain in your upper neck, sinus region, top or side of your head or the front or back of the head.
Misplaced vertebrae in the neck mainly the C-1 vertebrae, will irritate nerves that control the blood flow to your head and the muscles there are full of tension because of this. A chiropractor works to re-align these vertebrae allowing improvment in the movement or alignment of the bones in the neck, which relieves the pressure and irritation that results in headaches. The simple task of sitting at your computer day in and day out can cause your vertebrae to misalign. This also can result from a fall, car accident, lifting things and many other reasons. In any case you will be evaluated and a course of action will be determined and carried out.
It is well documented that chiropractic care for patients with cervicogenic headaches had a very positive effect in the treatment of not only reducing headaches but also cutting down the intensity of them. Give Spinewise Canada a call for an appointment or with any questions at 905-623-8388. You will be glad you did!


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