Understanding the Effects of Stress on the Body

stress-effectsStress can be very dangerous and can even lead to death if it is maintained for long periods of time. The risk of suffering from physical and emotional illnesses are very high if one cannot manage or reduce the response after a few days.

Doctors tend to consider usually three levels of stress effects, as stated:

• The behavioral level,
• The cognitive level,
• The physiological level,

The three are deeply connected and can occur alone or simultaneously.

Failing to fight the side effects of stress is opening the door the serious cardiovascular diseases like hypertension or coronary heart disease. That’s a way it is important to learn to manage stress-free care, preventing and controlling the situations that trigger stress.

The way we recognize stress at the early stage can prevent us from feeling and experiencing different types of stress related diseases. A person can be affected both in the physical and emotional state, but its effects can always be different in one another.

Each is first symptoms of stress that if taken for allowed may cause other problems and will affect your overall health. It is then important for us to learn and understand the stress and how to join managing it for us to stay healthy and positively motivated.

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