Various Types of Massage Therapy


Various Types of Massage Therapy

take-time-for-you-massageMassage therapy is also considered to be the best tension buster and in some cases this therapy is an integral part of the complementary and alternative medicine. The term “massage therapy” does not only include the different practices and techniques that are used to soothe the senses of the patient, it also covers a large number of related practices as well due to the fact that the massage therapy includes approximately 80 kinds of different therapies.

The main intent behind the massage therapy is to relax the muscles and tissues of the person thereby increasing the oxygen and blood delivery to the areas where massage has been performed and in turn decrease the level of pain suffered. Contact today to schedule an appointment and find out more about the Bowmanville massage therapy treatments they offer.

Various Kinds Of Therapies

The different types of massage therapies include the following:

Trigger point massage

In this type of massage therapy, the therapist uses different strokes of strong pressure in order to reduce the trigger points or knots.

Swedish massage

Long strokes are given to the person along with muscle friction and kneading in order to make the joints flexible.

Deep tissue massage

Deep finger and hand pressure is given on the particular parts of the patient’s body where the muscles and tissues are knotted or tight. Focus is paid on the muscle layers that are located deep inside the skin.