Visit Bowmanville Chiropractor To Reduce Sciatic Nerve Pain

Reduce Sciatic Nerve Pain

How to reduce sciatic nerve pain is a questioned asked by many people who suffer from this condition. Sciatic nerve pain is the result of a pinched nerve in the lower back. The pain can radiate down one leg, or it can shoot down both legs. The pain can be debilitating.

So what actually causes sciatic nerve pain? This is a question that isn’t easily answered in all cases.

This causes swelling and inflammation of the nerve and surrounding tissue, which is not easily corrected.

If you go to the chiropractor, they will want to manipulate your spine to help what they call a subluxation. They will tell you part of your spin is out of alignment and is compressing on your sciatic nerve.

The chiropractor may employ other techniques as well before beginning the adjustments. These could include infrared heat therapy to warm and relax the muscles. If there is a great deal of inflammation in the area a type of cold therapy might be used to reduce the muscle inflammation so adjustments can be made.

Physical therapy is often recommended in conjunction with chiropractic care. Finding a good chiropractor, however, can be tricky.

Even if you have your medical records out of your physician, a good chiropractor will need to make his own full assessment, evaluation, and assessment of your particular situation. Just to clarify, you do not need the approval of your doctor to see a chiropractor. A large number of individuals visit chiropractors all the time without ever seeing their doctor first. Some even go to a chiropractor regularly as a preventative measure to help keep optimum health. Your chiropractor must be fully licensed and accredited through the state.


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