Ways to Reduce Stress from Your Life

stay stress freeResearch has shown that stress at work increases the risk of distress musculoskeletal disorders of the back and upper body. This could be due to fitting office chair, inactivity, obesity and tension. Therefore it is important to distress your work life. Here are some of the tips that you should know to ease your lower back pain and destress at work.

Watch your posture

The first way to destress at work is to watch your sitting pose. Make sure that your position allows the body’s major muscles to relax if you are standing during work.

Sit well

Destress at work would also mean that you should sit well. When you are sitting at work, make sure that both of your feet are flat to the ground and the back of your thighs are maintained by the seat well.

Adjust your chair

The common reason of lower back problems is badly adjusted office chairs. Therefore, you should use an office chair that you can adjust it to your specific frame.This is definitely a good technique to destress at work.

Exercise the pain away

One reliable way to fight lower back pain is slow exercise. It is proven that patients who took into tips were in less pain and are more able to control their back problems a year later. This destress at work method will definitely be helpful to ease your lower back pain.


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