We Offer Bowmanville Residents Spinal Decompression Therapy

Spinal decompression therapy is a revolutionary treatment for low back pain and disc herniations. It works by restoring proper function to your injured discs. This is done with a series of controlled pulls on the spine. As your discs are gently pulled apart, a suction force inside the disc is created. This suction draws herniated discs back into the center. The end result to this treatment is a strong and healthy properly functioning disc. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions concerning spinal decompression.

The question that seems to be asked most concerns pain. Spinal decompression is set within your pain tolerance so it is painless. In fact, some say the procedure actually feels good. There are cases where people have been left a little sore after a treatment, but this is temporary and is a result of the natural healing process. We are also often asked if the treatment is safe. Rest assure the treatment is completely safe and the force used in decompression is well within safe limits and it is FDA approved. People wonder how many treatments they will need before they are healed. We estimate about 20 sessions is needed to produce the desired results. Also, it is worth noting that clinical research has been done in this field and studies indicate over 82 percent of patients saw marked improvements after treatments.

At SpineWise, located in Bowmanville, we offer spinal decompression as well as many other chiropractic treatments. Our friendly staff will help you feel at ease by answering all of your questions and doing everything they can to get you healthy again.


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