What Does a Chiropractor Actually Do?


If you are a new Chiropractic patient or considering becoming one you probably wondering What Does a Chiropractor Do?
To answer the question, what does a chiropractor do, would be almost impossible in just one sentence because a chiropractor does all kinds of things. The best way to begin to answer your question is to explain to you what chiropractics are all about to begin with so that you can better understand just what it is that a chiropractor actually does.

Chiropractic is the art of diagnosing, treating and preventing health problems through the proper alignment of the spinal column. Your spinal column houses your central nervous system and at the top of the spine is your brain. It is the nervous system that controls every cell in your body, by keeping it properly aligned a chiropractor is able to improve your overall health—not just back pain, Which has been the common misconception. The way that chiropractors achieve this proper alignment is through the use of specific chiropractic adjustments and manipulations that are painless which they have learned through many years of post secondary education.

A chiropractor is able to alleviate pain in joints and muscles as well as a variety of other complaints, such as headaches, cramping, discomfort related to menstruation and giving birth, sports injuries and much more. Having a poorly aligned spinal column can result in many different medical problems and a chiropractor can treat all of them. To do this they sometimes will use other methods and techniques along side of the chiropractic adjustments. The most commonly used are ART, which stands for Active Release Techniques. This is soft tissue manipulation. They may also use electronic muscle stimulation (think Dr. Ho and the machines he sells on his infomercial!). They may also use stretching techniques to help improve your range of motion so that you can get the most out of your treatment and even use the moves at home to speed things along.

A chiropractor can treat people of all ages from babies to seniors. They are also able to treat women who are pregnant. Since the adjustments impact the central nervous system by restoring it back to its intended alignment and function, chiropractors are able to treat conditions that most people don’t even realize. For instance, having your spine properly aligned can help with neurological issues as well as pain. In babies, a proper alignment of the spine helps to ensure better growth and development which results in less issues with colic, mobility problems and much more. A chiropractor can prevent many medical issues from developing and keep a person healthy overall.

All in all, when it comes to answering the question, what does a chiropractor do, it’s pretty safe to say that they do it all when it comes to your health—diagnosis, treatment and prevention. And they do it all without the use of medications and surgeries which is great news for everyone. Chiropractors can’t work miracles—no one can—but they are well trained professionals who can do wonders for your health as well as that of your loved ones.


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