What happens in psychotherapy and how its treatment works?


What happens in psychotherapy and how its treatment works?

Psychotherapy is often used either alone or in combination with medications to treat anxiety disorders. Psychotherapy involves a variety of treatment techniques and helps him or her identity and work through the factors that may be triggering the anxiety.




Psychotherapists diagnose and treat mental illnesses. For example, psychotherapists discuss with you on your current mental health conditions; they help you to remember and process past painful experiences; they help you to clarify conflictual relationships and to think about how you can behave differently in stressful situations.

Psychotherapists work on two levels:

• On the one hand by using the therapeutic relationship that arises during the treatment.
• On the other hand, using reflection techniques and practical exercises that you learn during the therapy.

You can contact a psychotherapist directly. You need your health insurance card. You do not need a bank transfer. If you do not know a psychotherapist, you can ask friends and acquaintances or visit Spinewise clinic in Bowmanville

Our psychotherapist will ask you which mental health problems you have, how long you have had these symptoms, how they affect your daily life and what you have done so far to get along better. He also asks you why you want psychotherapy and what you expect from the treatment. He asks this to better understand your motives and expectations and to see if he can actually help you. Our psychotherapists also use questionnaires and psychological testing during this phase.

The most important thing about these first conversations is that you also get an idea of whether you can talk openly and confidently with the psychotherapist. You should also be able to talk to her or him about topics that may be embarrassing, painful or frightening you. For a successful psychotherapy, it is very important that you can trust the psychotherapist.

You can use ask questions to the psychotherapist. Ask all the questions that are important to you and that you want to clarify or at least address for your decision to undergo psychotherapeutic treatment.

Many patients ask the following questions:

o What does the funding for the treatment look like, how are the applications and the costs covered by the respective health insurance company?
o What costs do I have to bear as a patient?
o What if I have to cancel appointments?
o What are the individual sessions?
o How long will the treatment take?
o What experiences does the psychotherapist have in the treatment of the present mental disorder?
o How successful can the treatment be?
o Which treatment alternatives do I have?

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