What is Hypnotherapy? Does Hypnotherapy Work?


What is Hypnotherapy? Does Hypnotherapy Work?

Hypnotherapy is the practice of hypnosis for therapeutic purposes. Hypnosis is used by the doctors to overcome a mental or physical condition. The therapist leads the patient to positive change while the patient is deeply relaxed in a state of heightened suggestibility called trance.


Basically, Hypnotherapy is used to stop self-destructive and addictive habits like smoking. It has also been used to curb the urge to eat for overeaters, cure insomnia, stop bed-wetting, and minimize anxiety.  Excessive stress can be generated from any number of sources and can be the springboard for anxiety. Some of the more prominent sources of anxiety and stress for which people seek hypnotherapy are public speaking, test taking, and job stress.

Does Hypnotherapy Work?

Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation in the body and heightened awareness within the mind. What this really means is that the hypnotherapist exposes the subconscious motivators of the client’s behavior.

The  4 Steps Of Every Hypnotic Process are

1)Trance induction

2)Trance deepening

3)Stimulating the unconscious mind and making hypnotic suggestions

4)Coming out of the trance

We spoke with 23 professional hypnotherapists recently, and each reported that hypnotherapy has transformed their practice and the lives of their clients. You can read more about hypnotherapy and consult a doctor on our website: http://www.spinewise.ca