What Is Insulin Resistance?


Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas. It specifically controls glucose in the blood. People with insulin resistance will have higher than normal levels of insulin in their blood stream so that they can maintain normal blood glucose levels.

Insulin Resistance Syndrome:

It is basically a collection of health conditions which put you at a general heightened risk for developing diabetes and to a certain extent heart disease. Insulin resistance syndrome, also called metabolic syndrome, is actually a combination of medical conditions that have been found to significantly increase the chance of someone with these conditions developing Type 2 diabetes or even heart disease and stroke. Multiple medications may also be required. When high blood sugar, or even Type 2 diabetes is diagnosed. You can visit https://www.spinewise.ca/ for much more information on diabetes and diabetes problems, and proper nutrition.

Other indicators of insulin resistance syndrome or syndrome X include low HDL cholesterol levels. HDL cholesterol is sometimes known as good cholesterol because it works to clean LDL or bad cholesterol out of the blood stream. When HDL cholesterol levels are low bad cholesterol can accumulate and increase the risk for heart disease or stroke.

If you doctor finds a number of the conditions associated with insulin resistance syndrome, he will probably start you on a regimen to treat each condition separately in order to reduce your condition.


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