What is Massage Therapy – Healing Practice

massage-for-elderMassage therapy is an alternate medicine that has been gaining in popularity at a quick rate. The field of massage therapy has not only grown in size but also in the availability of therapists, massage studios and clinics that offer massage.

There is no question that most folks would love to get a massage. What people don’t realize about massage is that it not only feels good and decreases the body pain, mind and spirit, but it actually is healing to the body, muscles and soft tissues.

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Depression and anxiety can be very serious and massage therapy should not be a replacement for proper medical attention when it is needed. Clients and therapists alike should identify its limitations. However, one of the benefits of massage therapy is the ease of access. No prescription is needed and one does not typically need to wait weeks or months for an appointment.

Gentle massage should have no harmful side effects. Mild benefit is often felt immediately and even greater benefit can come from a series of sessions. All these factors may make it an appealing resource for the person living with anxiety or depression.


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