What is Physiotherapy and How It Works?


What is Physiotherapy and How It Works?


Physiotherapy is a process that helps people to restore, maintain and maximize their physical strength, and overall well-being by addressing physical issues.Physiotherapy is also known as physical therapy.Physiotherapy is used for diagnosing injuries or diseases by using physical means.The goal is to reduce pain and minimise dysfunction by using techniques.Physiotherapy helps in many areas such as musculoskeletal, orthopaedics,respiratory,sports injuries and women’s health.Physiotherapists helps the  patients to recover from injuries and from back pain,neck pain, and ligament issues. Physiotherapists helps the patients by treating them at home.They can heal chronic and acute problems.It is a treatment of injury or disease by physical methods like heat and massage treatment inspite of using drugs or by doing surgery.


PhysiotherapyHow does it works?

Physiotherapists are trained in exercise therapy so they can help alleviate pain, improve movement and muscle condition.

It can also help repair damage, reduce stiffness and pain. It helps in increasing  mobility and improve quality of life for people with many conditions including arthritis, sports injuries, chronic back or knee pain and many more.

Physiotherapy helps in improving blood circulation,relieve pain and you feel relax and also improves movement of different parts of body.Conditions that are treated using massage include neck problems, headaches and stress.

Hydrotherapy is also a type of physiotherapy that further carries in water, usually a warm, swimming pool or a special hydrotherapy bath.The weight of water pushes against your body as you do exercises while you are floating. This can helps you to  improve your circulation , relieves pain and relaxes your muscles.