What is Reiki Therapy? and its Benefits

The word “REIKI” referred to as “rei” means supernatural and “ki” stands for vital energy. Reiki is a therapy in which therapist describes that it is a process of palm healing or hands on body lightly over patients body to facilitate or relaxing their body. This therapy is useful for health.



Reiki is not a harmful therapy. Reiki plays an important role for humans health. This therapy helps to reduce anxiety, stress, pain, and relieve depression.

Nowadays in many hospitals, they offer therapies to the patients. During the therapy session, the client may sit on the comfortable chair or lies down on a massage bed in a peaceful environment.


The benefits of Reiki are reducing stress, pain, comfort and sheer relaxation. The sessions of Reiki helps both client as well as to the practitioners also. This therapy helps in balancing life energy. It works on different levels such as physical, mental and spiritual. This therapy helps for both major and minor ailments. The other benefits of Reiki is it improves and maintains our health. It is also beneficial in aids to sleep.

This therapy also helps with anger, frustrations, and fear. This therapy helps to grow your relationships. It is beneficial for children, adults and for elderly people. It is also beneficial for the symptoms of asthma and insomnia. It is also beneficial for relieving chronic pains. With the help of Reiki treatment, we get positive vibes, positive attitude.


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