What Is Work Injury Rehabilitation?

Workplace injury rehabilitation means helping an injured employee or operator back to safe and appropriate work at the earliest possible time. It is about finding the best ways for work injury treatment and management for the worker to keep their valuable work skills.

This will helpful in returning to the job they had before their injury or another suitable job. If the worker is unable to return to their pre-injury job soon after their injury, a suitable duties program is developed to help the worker return to work safely over a period of time.

Workplace rehabilitation may involve:

• A suitable duties program
• On-the-job training to acquire new job skills
• Special assistance for severely injured workers.

Seeking Medical Treatment for a Work-Related Injury? It can reduce the social and financial cost of a workplace injury to the worker, employer and the Queensland community. But most importantly, it helps injured workers get back to work.

If you have been injured at work due to any reasons then you can look at https://www.spinewise.ca/work-injury-rehabilitation-wsib/ for Work Injury Rehabilitation (WSIB) Bowmanville. Injuries can happen at work, traveling to and from work or while on a break from work. Injuries can also take place if you are traveling for work, or visiting other workplaces or sites for the purposes of your job.


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