What Is Your Biggest Cause Of Back Pain?

man-back-painBack pain is an ailment that affects many people. The severity can differ from subtle and temporary to continued and long lasting and since there are many causes of this type of pain it is regularly hard to treat.

Some might ask why low back pain is so common.

The spine is combined form of muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments and discs, and back pain that arises if a problem occurs with any of these structures.
Below are common causes of back pain:

1. Using bad position and poor body procedure while performing the activities of daily life can cause back pain. For example, lifting a heavy thing without bending at the knees, sleeping on a wrong side, running so these are common factors that affect you.

2. Prolonged standing or sitting may cause the muscles that support the spine to tighten and cause pain. If you are looking for what are causes of back pain in Bowmanville then you can contact us.

3. Low Back Strains are common, and they happen when muscles are overstrained or torn. Muscle strains happen when a sudden force, pull or twist is applied to the muscles in the back resulting in pain.

4. Ligamentous Sprains are also common, and they happen when the muscles holding bones together are torn from their parts. Sprains happen with quick, unexpected movements.

5. Painful Degenerative Discs are another cause of back pain. As we age, these discs can become thinner thereby losing some of their shock absorbing ability. With less cushioning, this can lead to pain.Discs act as cushions between the vertebrae in your spine.


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