Foot & Ankle Pain

Between 75% to 80% adults across the globe experience pain in their feet. Problems of the feet and ankles have grappled today’s population. Pain can be anywhere across the foot like the heels, toes, instep, arch or the bottom of the foot. While arthritis is a major cause of foot pain, it can be caused by injuries as well. Gout is another contributor for pain especially in the toes. Excessive pressure on the foot can cause pain like in case of too much walking, obesity and poorly fitted shoes. Even a disproportionate distribution of weight during any physical activity or faulty posture for prolonged period of time can cause pressure on the feet and trigger pain.

Home Remedies

Most foot pain can be treated at home. Uneven distribution of bodyweight can be addressed by correcting gait and distributing bodyweight evenly along heels, foot and toes. Avoiding high heels, using soft shoes, ankle guards and sufficient rest helps in this regard. For injury triggered pain, doctors often prescribe pain killers which are better avoided. Instead, ice and rest are recommended by our in-house physicians. For those with arthritis, foot pain is associated with softening of bones. They must address their problem of vitamin deficiency by consuming food rich in vitamin D and K2.

Scientific Chiropractic Care for Foot Pain

In case the pain persists, it is always advisable to visit a doctor. In case of pain in the foot and ankles, chiropractic therapy is arguably the best treatment. Our expert chiropractors use muscle relaxation therapies to gently stretch foot muscles and provide relief. A skilled and expert Chiropractor also uses adjustment therapy and mobilizing technique to enhance blood flow in the feet and heal muscle injuries and tension quickly. In addition to traditional chiropractic techniques, we make use of the ProAdjuster for treating your foot pain. The ProAdjuster is a revolutionary new-age Chiropractic tool that determines if the human vertebra has become too rigid. If the bones shift out of alignment, they put pressure on the nerves and muscles thereby triggering pain in various regions, including the foot. Using computer software and new ProAdjuster, the doctor corrects dislocations. Hi-Tech Computer sensors measure the response from each muscle joints along the foot and ankle area, while interactive graphical charts help to locate the exact area of inflammation. Post identification, a series of gentle taps with the Adjuster aligns the joints along the optimal position, and the pain is no more.


At Spinewise, we have used our traditional knowledge of chiropractics, coupled with new tools like the ProAdjuster and treated numerous patients, curing them of their foot pain permanently. Non-invasive and free from side effects, chiropractic techniques in Spinewise will help you get back on your feet right away. If you are experiencing pain in your feet, feel free to contact our Best Chiropractor in Bowmanville to get expert solutions to cure your ailment.


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