Headache, also called Cephalgia, has become a very common problem for millions of people around the globe today. Almost half of the total world population has experienced headache at least once in a year. Our hectic life and work puts a lot of stress on our minds. Headaches can be the result of such over-activity which puts pressure on the brain. Headaches are of different types depending on the cause and nature of the pain.

  • Primary headache: over activity in the sensitive areas of the brain cause primary headaches. Irritation in the nerves, blood vessels and tissue of the neck and head can cause pain. Migraine is a common primary headache.
  • Secondary headache: It is the result of some illness. Something as trivial as a dental or ear infection to severe bleeding in the brains can cause excruciating headaches.
  • Cranial Neuralgia: Inflammation in the cranial nerves causes this. This causes pain in the face.

Causes of Headaches

  • Primary headache is caused by over-activity of the brain which stresses out the nerves and adjoining tissues.
  • Inhalation of carbon monoxide, bleeding, injury, dehydration, etc. can cause secondary headache.
  • Illness of various kinds like flu, cold, fever, sinusitis, etc. can cause headaches.
  • Radical change in sleeping patterns, skipping of meals, alcoholism can cause headaches.
  • Stress, both physical and emotional, can cause tension in the muscles and tissues on the head, leading to headaches.
  • Migraine is a very common form of primary headache triggered by consumption of salty and processed foods, fasting, alcohol, lack of sleep and genetic factors.

In actuality, the brain cannot feel pain due to the lack of pain receptors in it. On the contrary, receptors are present all over the face, in the neck and in the meninges covering the brain. Any irritation there gets interpreted by the brain as pain and we experience headaches.

Treating Headaches

Primary headaches usually get cured on their own or with some pain relief medication. But, secondary headaches are triggered by some diseases that need attention. Therefore they should be brought into immediate medical attention. Some symptoms that indicate that your headache is actually pointing to some underlying disease are:

  • Difficulty in speech and comprehending conversations.
  • Blurred or loss of vision.
  • Severe headache with the pain shooting up in a matter of minutes.
  • Persistent pain in the same area.
  • Loss of consciousness.
  • High fever accompanying the headache.

Secondary headaches often point to grave diseases such as stroke, meningitis and hemorrhage in the brain. Therefore, instead of ignoring the pain, immediately seek medical help.

Treatment of headaches depends entirely on the cause of the pain. The discomfort and pain subsides easily with rest from stressing activities. Chiropractic techniques are particularly effective in reducing headaches, especially those triggered from tension. Chiropractors analyze the spine for any anomaly or dislocations that can be causing interference with the nerves. Without using medicine or pain killers that usually harbor side effects, they use exercise, massage, compression therapy, etc. to treat the pain.

Revolutionary Cure for Headaches

A revolutionary equipment for treating cervicogenic dislocations is the ProAdjuster which accurately locates the subluxations in the spine which might be compressing the nerves and triggering pain. After locating the anomaly, the practitioner uses the Adjuster to put gentle oscillating forces on the dislocated bone to correct the subluxation. Even for muscular tension, our chiropractors apply relaxation techniques, massage and rest to relieve the pain.


At Spinewise, we treat not the symptom, but the cause of the headache. We diagnose the condition which is causing the pain and take chiropractic measure as applicable. We have successfully treated multitudes by adjusting their misaligned spine and relieved them of their discomfort. Call us to get the best treatment for curing your headache and migraine.

Headaches can be triggered by excessive drinking or smoking, eye strain, poor diet, poor lighting, excessive noise, infection, and others. Very often, the problem lies in the spine. Either the vertebrae aren’t moving properly or misaligned, or muscle tension in the neck is pushing on the nerves. Our chiropractors at SpineWise are trained in noticing spinal problems through posture, movement, and curvature, and they are experienced in finding the best solution for your headaches. Chiropractic care can relieve tension, align problem vertebrae, and correct any problems found in your nerves, muscles, or bones which are lending to increased head pain.

If we don’t find and heal the source of your headaches, we have the resources to refer you to a specialist who can help!


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