The hectic lifestyle of today’s world is putting immense pressure on both professional and personal lives of every human being. The most common effect of this insurmountable work-pressure, personal problems and financial worries is stress. Studies show that fear and a sense of insecurity are the two leading emotional triggers for stress. Although purely psychological in nature, Stress can have deep impacts on our lives and disrupt sleep cycles leave us exhausted, fatigued and irritated.

The causes of stress are roughly listed below:

  • Unsatisfied work situation.
  • Overworked with too much responsibility.
  • Long working-hours with next to nil relaxation.
  • Unhealthy management at work which doesn’t involve worker’s opinion in decision-making.
  • Insecurity about career and future prospects.
  • Joblessness and financial burden.
  • Marriage, unplanned children, strained relationships or impending divorce.
  • Loss of loved ones.
  • Chronic illnesses and diseases.

Bad Influence of Stress:

Stress is primarily a psychological condition but it can have marked physical effects on a person. In the absence of proper medical care, stress can be fatal to your health. Long-term stress can have the following detrimental effects on your health:

  • Headaches and possible Migraine.
  • Depression, sleeplessness and lack of concentration.
  • High blood pressure.
  • Abnormal heartbeat.
  • Hardened arteries.
  • Cardiovascular diseases and increased risk of heart attack.
  • Acidity, heartburns, indigestion and irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Excessive weight gain or loss of weight.
  • Asthma.
  • Arthritis.

Beating Stress with Chiropractics:

Meditation, vacation breaks from hectic life, hobbies, exercise, and socializing, etc. are some of the best techniques to provide self-help in case of Stress. Cortisol, the stress hormone, generally gets unstable due to prolonged stress. Increasing the intake of EPA-Omega 6 to Omega 3 Fatty Acid helps in stabilizing the hormone Corticol. EPA with its cytokines and eicosanoids reduces health problems related to stress and anxiety. Fish and sea food (calamari, krill, etc.), flax seed, nuts and grass fed beef are rich sources of Omega-3.

In case of higher levels of stress manifesting as problems like reduced work performance, changed behavioral patterns, etc. medical opinion must be resorted to. For chronic and aggravated stress conditions, Chiropractics is the best and most effective form of treatment. Chronic stress causes tension in muscles, contracting them for prolonged periods, putting pressure on joints and the spine, causing misalignments and pain. Traditional Chiropractice involves meditation, physiotherapy, message and exercise to get rid of stress related problems.

The Scientific Way:

One of the most modern and scientific treatments is with the ProAdjuster which applies force on the vertebrae repetitively to determine its rigidity. Instead of manually determining the misalignments in the spine, or tension in the muscles, it uses a computer to accurately monitor the whole process and chart out stressed areas in the body. This helps the practitioner to accurately treat the joints. The muscles with the rigid strain or the joint with the crucial misalignment is treated by the practitioner using the ProAdjuster by applying controlled pressure on the problem areas, realigning the subluxations, relieving tension and providing respite from the pain.


Being one of the most common afflictions plaguing the lives of multitude today, it does not necessarily have to gain the upper hand over your daily life. Take the help of modern chiropractic treatments like ProAdjuster to get rid of your stress related problems without having any side effects.

At Spinewise, we have been successfully treating patients with stress related problems with revolutionary techniques and helping them lead a pain free life. Contact us and get a permanent cure for your ailment.


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